Heat Transfer Printing

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Heat transfer printing are commonly known as iron-on or digital printing. It is done by using a heat transfer medium such as printable heat transfer paper or various types of vinyl rubber type material. Images and designs are being printed onto the various products, such as t-shirts, shorts and bags using a machine known as a heat press machine which is a large ironing machine that presses the heat transfer medium with pressure.


Starting price: $8 without Shirt and $18 with Shirt


How to make an order: 

For customisation of jersey/training kit, shirt/short printing services, court set up equipment, bulk orders and etc.

How to make an order:

  1. Please go to Contact Us, fill up the form about your enquires and indicate your phone number. 
  2. We will contact you thru your phone number or via any other communication tools that you are comfortable with. Do let us know if you are an individual or a company so we can provide proper invoicing 
  3. Send design to us.
  4. Select the prices and quantity after we have confirmed the designs.
  5. Make payment, we will proceed to print once we received.